Synergistic Systems

Here are a handful of my personal favorite synergistic systems which provide an example of what I’m talking about. All are very good at what they do. All are assembled with at least one eye to value.  These systems have different virtues and are among the best I know. For those who want their Audio Note systems pure, that company offers a full line of CD players, digital transports, and dacs — most of which cost more than the Cantata; and plenty of Audio Note cabling for a lot more dough than Crimson.

All of these systems can accommodate vinyl at a reasonable additional cost with either a built in phono stage (Audio Note amp, Blue Circle and Crimson preamp) or stand alone phono stages (Blue Circle) and with one of several Audio Note turntable/arm/cartridge combinations. The Cantata has built-in accommodation for USB.

System 1: $16,400

Resolution Audio Cantata 3.0 Music Center CD player

Blue Circle 002i solid state integrated amplifier

JM Reynaud Folia Jubilee speakers

Crimson cabling.

Upgrades: JM Reynaud Euterpe Jubilees add $1500. Cantabile Jubilees, add $3000. EPS external power supply for 002i. Add $1,750.

System 1A: $19,640

Resolution Audio Cantata 3.0

Audio Note OTO SE Signature single ended tube integrated amplifier

Audio Note K/SPe’s /with Audio Note stands

Crimson cabling

Upgrade: Audio Note J/SPe speakers w/hemp: Add $2200. E/SPe HE speakers: Add $4500.

System 2: $25,000 — BEST SOUND PER DOLLAR

Resolution Audio Cantata 3.0

Blue Circle OO2i/EPS solid state integrated amplifier .

JM Reynaud Abscissa Jubilees

Crimson cabling

System 3: $44,560

Cantata 3.0
Blue Circle NSC solid state preamplifier
Blue Circle NSW 300 solid state amplifier
JM Reynaud Orféo Jubilee loudspeakers
Crimson cabling.

System 3A: c. $47,000

Cantata 3.0
Blue Circle NSC
Blue Circle NSL
JM Reynaud Offrande Supreme, V2’s, used
Crimson  cabling

System 3B: $44,000.
Cantata 3.0
Audio Note M3 Balanced tubed preamplifier
Audio Note Empress Silver Signature 2A3 tubed mono-block amplifier
Audio Note SPx SE loudspeakers with Audio Note stands
Crimson cabling

System 4: $33,000
Cantata 3.0
Crimson 710 solid state preamplifier
Crimson 640 solid state mono-block amplifier
Tocaro 40 loudspeakers
Crimson cabling

Upgrade: Tocaro 42 loudspeakers and a second pair of Crimson 640’s. Add $11,000.