Equipment Reviews

As many of you know, the journey to Audio Note, Blue Circle, and Reynaud is chronicled in reviews on Enjoy the Music and Positive-Feedback, among others. I have attached links to the relevant reviews below.

Blue Circle AG3000 and AG8000:
Blue Circle Music Rings:
Blue Circle CS:
Reynaud Offrandes, 1st Review:
Reynaud Offrandes, 2nd Review:
Reynaud Twins:
Reynaud Trentes:
Reynaud Concordes:
Reynaud Arpeggiones:
Audio Note CDT TWO and DAC 4.1 balanced:
Audio Note CDT ONE and DAC 1.1x Signature:
Elrod Power Systems Signature power cord:
Elrod Power Systems Statement power cord:
Audience Au 24 speaker cable:
Audience modified Sony NV999 CD/SACD player:
TG Labs HSR speaker cable:
TG Lab 688 power cord:
TG Lab SLVR power cord:
Audience modified Sony NV999 CD/SACD player, upgraded model:
Audio Note CDT TWO transport with DAC One.1x Signature:
Mapleshade Samson Equipment Rack


Music Reviews

Over the past few years, I have of necessity given up equipment reviewing (confluence of interest!) and taken up music reviewing instead. I bring to this writing more enthusiasm than musical knowledge and so offer it up mainly as news about current offerings in the mainly classical music recording world.