I generally have some used and demo equipment available at discounted prices. I pay shipping on all items not on consignment.

Blue Circle ELD BD solid state integrated amp with tube/ss switch. 300 watts into 8 ohms 600 into 4 ohms. Light use as demo. Powerful and clear as the proverbial bell. Stainless steel faceplate and knobs with optional Shallco volume control. $2100. (Price new, $4250, without ss knobs and Shallco).

Blue Circle NSP 90 watt stereo amplifier with custom dark walnut/curly maple faceplate. Optimization of the 1022 sound. New in July, 2014. Light use as demo. Rotating stock. $5500 less $500 discount if you pick it up. (Price new with faceplate, $10,600.) —

Blue Circle 2K4 300 watt (600 watts into 4 ohms) Class D stereo amplifier with external power supply, both with curly maple/dark walnut faceplates. Light use as demo. Moving to make room for other gear. $4000 shipped. (Price new: $8000 with the power supply and custom faceplates).

Selling for customers:

Note: I am considering letting people with JMR Offrande Supreme V2’s to sell and customers who are looking for them to communicate with one another through this section of my website. If you have Offie V2’s to sell let me know and I’ll list them here. If you’re looking for used ones, also let me know and I’ll list email addresses here. No service charges would be levied. My goal is simply to put people in contact with each other now that Offrandes are no longer offered by JMR.

Tocaro Model 40’s, just enough hours to break them in. Maple. Bought them from Amherst Audio as “lightly used” demos but ultimately found I prefer Audio Note speakers. Near new condition. $6,20o. (Price new, $9000). Selling price includes stands and shipping. [SC]

Audio Note Sootto, Sogon:

     Audio Note 120 strand SOOTTO Interconnects, RCA/RCA, one meter pair.  $3,669 ($7,338 new).

     Audio Note 120 strand SOOTTO Interconnects, RCA/RCA, two meter pair. $7,209 ($14,4177 new).

     Audio Note 80 strand SOGON Stereo Bi-Wired (160 strand total) Speaker Cable set, two meters, spades/bananas $20,665 ($51,662 new). Speaker cables custom terminated by Nick Gowan, authorized Audio Note serviceman,  one side is 2″ shorter than other.

       See the Audio Note section of this website for descriptions of the cable. This particular cable was originally mine — contact seller directly at: david@finexmanagement.com

Audio Note Lexus, bi-wired speaker cable, 3 meters, spades/bananas. $800. ($1711 new). [DC]

Blue Circle BC 505 dac and Audio Note digital transport CDT Zero. A fine, musically satisfying pair in excellent condition.Three years old. $4200 ($6991 new). [PB]

Crimson 710 preamplifier, 5 years old. Mint condition. $4000. (new, $7000) [JS]

Blue Circle FtTH hybrid integrated amplifier. Condition is excellent. Usage roughly 5000 hours. A pair of unused Telefunken E88CC matched NOS tube included. Price, $2400. Retail price of a new FtTH2 was $6100 with EH tubes. [DC]