I generally have some used and demo equipment available at deeper discounts. I pay shipping on all items not on consignment.

Blue Circle NSP 90 watt stereo amplifier with custom dark walnut/curly maple faceplate. New in July, 2014. Light use as demo. Rotating stock. $5500 less $500 discount if you pick it up. (Price new with faceplate, $10,600.) — Nah, I’m keeping it. Been listening to Daft Punk on it all afternoon and can’t give it up. Coupled with a BC 107 or NSC it’s an O22i plus-plus-plus. Buy it new!

Jean Marie Reynaud OrfĂ©o Supreme, V2 demos — current model. Three years old. Excellent condition. Rotating stock. $4500 less $500 discount if you pick them up. (Price new, $9500.)

Blue Circle 2K4 300 watt (600 watts into 4 ohms) Class D stereo amplifier with external power supply, both with curly maple/dark walnut faceplates. Light use as demo. Moving to make room for other gear. $5000 shipped. (Price new: $8000 with the power supply and custom faceplates).

Selling for customers:

Audio Note 27 strand Vx Interconnects, RCA/RCA, one meter. $600. ($1354 new). [DC]

Audio Note Lexus, bi-wired speaker cable, 3 meters, spades/bananas. $800. ($1711 new). [DC]

Blue Circle BC 505 dac and Audio Note digital transport CDT Zero. A fine, musically satisfying pair in excellent condition.Three years old. $4200 ($6991 new). [PB]

Crimson 710 preamplifier, 5 years old. Mint condition. $4000. (new, $7000) [JS]

Crimson 640E mono-block amplifier, 5 years old. Mint condition. $3500. (new, $6000) [JS]

Crimson bi-wired speaker cable, 5 years old. Mint condition. 1.2 meter pair (4 feet). $436 (new, $872) [JS]

Crimson interconnects, 5 years old. Mint condition, 1.5 meter pair $200 ($400 new). [JS]

Blue Circle FtTH hybrid integrated amplifier. Condition is excellent. Usage roughly 5000 hours. A pair of unused Telefunken E88CC matched NOS tube included. Price, $2400. Current price of an FtTH2 is $6100 with EH tubes. [DC]